Yumville, the adorable city created especially for hamsters; It's the most tender thing you'll see today


Small, tender and mischievous rodents, are the protagonists of a new advertising campaign called The hungry hungry hamster (The hungry, hungry hamsters) who developed a brand of food products. In it, these cute animals live fun adventures in a miniature city created especially for them, called Yumville.

It took more than 1,984 work hours to build each of the 1,325 tiny details of the set where these adorable little balls of hair show their love for food. The series has nine episodes and these are some of the images that will make you fall in love with them.

1. They are always hungry

2. Always

3. The tiny bedroom

4. Where can they hide food

5. Observe the small details

6. A peculiar city

7. Little hamsters also have problems with garbage

8.Un snack in the afternoon

9. Of course, they exercise after eating

10. The corridor illuminated by the sun

11. Shopping in the city

12. Enjoy reading

13. A little hamster making mischief through the alleys

14. The night is fun in Yumville

15. The creators took care of all the details

16. Ready for Christmas Eve

17. They have cinemas with interesting releases

18. Everything was done very carefully

19. They sell everything

20. They enjoy the food very much

21. And preparing it is a pleasure

22. Lights Camera Action

This is how this fun series was made

Here the first chapter

Remember to activate the subtitles. If you do not know how to do it, check this link.

Yumville, la adorable ciudad creada especialmente para hámsters; es lo más tierno que verás hoy (January 2021)