Yukaima is crowned as the first queen of indigenous beauty in Mexico


Yalitza Aparicio broke all the schemes and put up the indigenous communities of the world. His appearance in the film Rome It is a watershed for young people like Yukaima González, the first indigenous queen in a beauty contest in Mexico.

Yukaima, 18, is a girl from the Wixárika ethnic group in the municipality of La Yesca who took the crown in the beauty contest at the Nayarit Fair 2019. She is the first indigenous woman to win recognition like this.

What impelled me was my family, my friends, the fact of wanting to have inclusion in society, that indigenous peoples are taken into account.

The discrimination tried to stop his dream

He competed alongside 14 other young people, including Adriana Díaz, representative of the Cora people. The participation of both women is a great step for the recognition of all types of beauty without discriminating ethnic groups, skin color, size, religious beliefs, etc.

When asked what was preventing the development of women in society, Yukaima responded without hesitation: discrimination. According to her, many people told her that she could not participate because her origin was not suitable for such competitions, but at all times she was proud of her roots: look, today I am standing here, fighting for one of my dreams.

More than just a suit

It's no surprise that her beautiful typical attire has earned her the status of Costume. Embellished with beads and feathers, it hides a deep meaning:

It consists of a headdress that symbolizes the most important animal that shapes the creation of the world, the deer, fire grandfather's assistant who in turn gave rise to peyote and corn.

In his hands he carries the eye of God, which represents the four cardinal points, elaborated in bright colors and defined forms that allow the opening of the nierika, that is, a portal of mystical vision.

Congratulations to this beautiful representative of the indigenous community!

Mexicana Universal 2019/ Miss Universe Mexico 2019 (April 2021)