Youtuber shares secrecy to change your weaknesses into strengths and succeed unpretentiously

Having dreams and goals is part of our life, reaching them is our responsibility, and if we really want something, we have to work and build it regardless of the barriers or obstacles that arise. Failures are part of life and trying again is part of the success, this is the way of thinking of Jiapsi Yáñez, 25, a young girl born in Culiacán, Sinaloa, Mexico, who has faced her fears and has achieved success .

Achieving it was not easy, it required courage, dedication and not be overcome by the bullying or the negative comments of the people; She knows what she wants and nothing will stop her. That's why after achieving recognition in social networks thanks to their fun videos, Jiapsi has started a tour to give lectures and help other people achieve their dreams.

She is a woman who knows exactly what she wants

She is not a vlogger common, is a woman who has known defeat and has risen many times. Her first video made her a celebrity, something that took her by surprise, but she had searched for a long time. That is why she is happy and willing to share the key with all those who want to listen to her.

I have failed many times in life, I always lived on scholarships but I was always hungry to get ahead.

No matter what gets in the way, he knows how to achieve his dreams

Before reaching fame, Yanez had tried several businesses and looked for the way to be what he had always wanted. The most important thing for her is to leave the comfort zone.

Her passion was art and dance and she practiced ballet for many years, until she was expelled from the Contemporary Ballet race because she was overweight. Her childhood was marked by differences between social classes, but this helped her to make the decision to grow and move forward.

Social networks connected her with the world

He considers himself a lonely person and thanks to social networks has been able to communicate what he had always wanted, reaching the hearts of thousands of people who have felt identified with his message. She thinks that the bloggers they should not be considered as influencers or creative people, but as micro-entrepreneurs.

Turn weaknesses around

Unpretentious is the name of this conference where this great woman talks about the weaknesses of people and how to turn them into their strengths, eliminating from the mind the barriers that may impede personal growth, to start seeing life in a fun and laugh at the problems.

Despite the difficulties, he knows how to reach the goal

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