Your children could resemble your ex without being a product of infidelity, science says


There is a strange phenomenon in which the son of a couple may not resemble any of their parents, but the ex-boyfriend of the mother. This mystery of the human body is known as telegonía and has a scientific explanation.

This theory suggests that the offspring of a couple can acquire physical features of another male as if this were the father, because women are able to store the genetic content of the sperm of past couples. Although the theory had already been approached by Aristotle, it was baptized by the German biologist August Weismann in the 19th century, but it was so controversial that it was quickly dismissed.

In 2014 Australian scientists from the University of Sydney, sought to demonstrate the veracity of this hypothesis through an experiment with fruit flies. They crossed immature insects with large and small males, and once they were able to bear offspring, they crossed back to the females and discovered that although the second male fathered the offspring, the size of the larvae determined the first Couple of the female.

This is because the genetic content of sperm can be stored by the woman's body and, not resulting in pregnancy, the DNA is absorbed to raise the chances of better genetic combinations in the future. Furthermore, the research suggested that DNA can leave traces in the female body for many years and, thanks to this, regardless of the physical characteristics of the current couple, the children may not resemble him.

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