Your best friend could be the reason you gain weight: study

We talked before that your best pregnant friend could infect your pregnancy so that you are a future mother and do not leave her alone on the way. But there is another thing that could be the fault of your confidant: your little girls.

If lately you have noticed an increase in your weight, maybe your diet and physical activity are deficient, but you may also have suffered from social contagion.

Everything is for friendship

A research done by Nicholas Christakis and James Fowler, professors of Medicine of Harvard, and that was published by the magazine New England Journal of Medicine, assures us that our habits have to do with the influence that our relatives have on us.

You have more chances to gain weight thanks to your friend than your boyfriend

If your best friend is overweight, the possibility of increasing sizes increases by 57 percent. To reach this conclusion, the teachers studied 12 thousand adults and their social relationships, and monitored the weight of each individual.

A young person has a 57 percent chance of gaining weight if they have an obese friend. While adults have a 40 percent chance if their siblings get fat. If the one who gains weight is the couple, the other has a 37 percent chance of doing so too.

Quiet, not ALL around you will affect you

In addition to these results, it was found that it is the emotional and not the geographical distance that affects your health, because your neighbors, even though they are close to you, do not change your habits, while a friend who lives far away, even in another state or country , will have great influence on you.

And if you are one of the girls who walk more with men than with women, you saved yourself! The results showed that we are more likely to copy the habits of people of the same sex because there is a stronger connection.

We get used to being overweight

The reason we get fat is because, being surrounded by overweight people, we perceive that this is normal and we care less about appearances. According to Christakis: you form an idea of ​​what an acceptable body is according to what is around you.

It is important to emphasize that there is nothing wrong with having curves, as long as it is the natural complexion of your body and you are healthy.

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