Young people collect garbage thanks to the new viral challenge: #TrashChallenge


Viral challenges are very popular among millennials and the generation z, and although sometimes they are used simply for fun, on other occasions they are weapons to raise awareness about important social causes such as the preservation of our planet.

The #TrashChallenge or #TrashTagChallenge It came to stop us from throwing slices of cheese to babies and we focused on important issues: we are flooding ourselves in garbage. It all started with a Facebook user, Byron Román, who posted a photo of himself cleaning up a public space and quickly went viral.

Here is a challenge for all bored young people. Take a photograph of an area that needs to be cleaned and then take a photograph as proof that something has been done, then publish it.

The challenge is to collect garbage from beaches, parks, streets, lakes, etc., and take a picture not only as proof that it has been done, but to motivate other people to join this great challenge.

Although the ideal is that we take care of the environment without having to search likes or post photos, this is a challenge It's worth it to draw attention to a problem that affects us all and help the planet a little bit. It's time to make the change and collect our garbage!

Challenges like this are worth it

The best thing is that he went around the world

From Mexico

Up to Norway

People know it's time to help the planet

Before there is no remedy

Although it just went viral, it is a challenge that exists since 2015

And there are those who do it as part of their daily life

It does not matter if you collect kilos of garbage

Or just some bottles

The important thing is to make a difference in the world

And, above all, stop littering everywhere

Remember that the Earth is our home!

Keep it free of garbage!

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