Young Mexican is the first minor to attend postgraduate studies at Harvard in more than 100 years


At age 13, Dafne Almazán became the youngest psychologist in the world. Today, at 17, she is the first Mexican minor to enter a postgraduate course at the prestigious Harvard University and the first under 18 to enroll in a master's degree at that institution in 100 years.

Dafne will study a masters in Mathematics Teaching, something boring for some but a passion for her, who at six years of age already knew how to read and write, at 10 she had finished high school and at 13 she had a bachelor's degree.

Dafne is one of the almost one million children who have this kind of talent in Mexico.

The World Health Organization defines the person gifted as one with an IQ greater than 130 points in some scientifically and statistically validated psychometric test. They are children like any other, only with a CI much greater than the rest of the population, says Dr. Asdrúbal Almazán, director of the Talent Care Center and father of Dafne.

Dafne believes that gifted children in Mexico are stereotyped, misdiagnosed and poorly understood. The young psychologist assures that people believe that these little ones spend all their time locked up or that they are a copy of Einstein.

I studied but also played; I learned to play instruments, I walked my dogs.

According to Cedat data, 93 percent of gifted children are confused and misdiagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), which generates inadequate management and, therefore, the loss of their abilities.

Therefore the institution founded by Andrew, Dafne's older brother, and his father works with the psycho-pedagogical model of the Nouménica Theory, which is based on keeping the geniuses children in their child's environment, with lessons according to their intellect.

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