you want have a wasp waist? Achieve it in just 30 days with these simple exercises


This 2016 the goal is to make us a movie star waist, and the important thing is to start with routines that take out the rolls of fat from the back and that tone our belly. So we will leave these 5 exercise routines to achieve that curve behind the back that we love to wear with a nice crop-top.

As for the routines, we recommend a cardiovascular warm up before the exercises, this to activate your metabolism and you feel with all the energy to finish these routines, that besides being not complicated, you will achieve them in 45 minutes a day. We suggest you always remember to do the movements in your routines in a slower and firmer way than fast, this so that you achieve the best toning in the shortest time, and so in 30 days of training and balanced diet you will see changes in your waistline.

1. Up and down

On the side sit with your legs and arms straight making your weight fall on your hip, and with your left arm at 45 degrees you lean on the exercise mat. Tension your legs and abdomen until you lift your body so that it is supported only by your feet and one of your hands. Return to the starting position as slowly as possible. We recommend that you count for 8 seconds while low while continuing to strain your legs and abdomen. Repeat 15 times, and when you finish, change sides and start again.

2. Oblique abs

For this exercise we recommend using a few-pound weight or a ball. This will help you maintain your posture and will make your body exert the necessary strength in an appropriate manner.

On an exercise mat, sit holding the weight or ball in front of you with your arms stretched out, your legs slightly bent, the soles of your feet well supported, and your back at a 45-degree angle back. Turn only your waist to bring the weight to the right.

3. Flexibility and toning

Sit on an exercise mat with your back straight and your legs stretched out (forming an angle of 90). Open your arms until they are straight at shoulder height. Turn your waist and lower until your right hand touches the tip of your left foot. Return to the starting position and repeat the previous movement using the foot and the opposite hand. The whole sequence is repeated 30 times taking care always to keep the legs close to the mat and the back straight.

4. Leg dance

Lie on your back on an exercise mat with your arms on your side. Lift your legs at a 45-degree angle. Be careful not to lift your back, arms or head when doing this movement. Bring your legs together to the right. It is important that you keep your legs together all the time and that you turn until you feel your body stretch. Bring your legs back to the center, until they are aligned with the rest of your body. Now repeat the previous movement but turning to the left side. There will be 15 repetitions on each side and rest 2 seconds each time you bring your legs back to the center.

When you return to your initial position, immediately repeat the previous movement bringing the weight to the left. When you do these repetitions imagine that behind you there is a wall and that the objective when turning is to make the object you hold touch that wall. Perform 30 repetitions of this series of movements.

5. Swimming in the air

Face down, lie down on an exercise mat. Then raise your arms, legs and head so that your body is resting on the abdominal area. Now move your limbs with a scissors gesture; up and down alternately. Count 20 seconds while doing these movements and return to the starting position to rest 2 seconds. Repeat the above 10 times. Make sure that all your movements are slow but firm, the more you feel that the muscle is tense, the toning will be better.

MY secret to a tiny waist - By Vicky Justiz (January 2021)