You're not crazy: The washing machine DOES eat your socks!


Have you ever wondered why socks disappear? As with hair pins, nobody knows where they go, how they disappear and why they do it. One day you have a pair, but after washing them only one returns and thus starts a chain that apparently has no end. However, there may be an answer: the washing machine eats the socks!

Yes, you are reading well. Thanks to an image shared on Twitter, we can now know the place where the socks disappear. More than a year ago, Cathy Hinz, a real estate saleswoman, posted the image on her blog to show what was really going on, as she discovered that for years her dryer accumulated socks in a lower compartment. After Sarah Rose read the blog and shared the image on social networks, hundreds of users made this event viral.

Why are they leaving?

Cathy's husband discovered that top-loading and front-loading washing machines can disappear the socks, and all because they get trapped in the areas that are not in view. In the case of the frontals, they stay under the cartridge and in the upper loading can be cast through a space that is between the inner and outer drums.

Cathy found thirty socks

But not only were the socks: there were also underwear, a credit card, coins and seven dollars in bills. Hinz wrote in his blog that it was a surprising fact:

I do not know what to say! I have been doing this work for 25 years and during that time we have worked with washers and dryers, but we have never seen this before.

The washing machine is hungry!

Simmon Moore, a scientist at Samsung and in charge of a study to find out where the socks go, said that we lose a sock a month and about 1,264 a lifetime, but that's not all. He said that disappearances not only they are due to the washing machine, because taking into account the size of the house, the people who live there and their ways of life, are more likely to lose them, even determined a formula that is known as loss index of socks.

So you know: the next time a sock disappears, it's most likely in the washing machine.

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