You must learn to recognize love to let go of who does not deserve you


How many times have you deceived yourself thinking that the man next to you loves you, despite the times you did not arrive, the messages you did not answer, the lies, the indifference? That man who promises eternal love, but then leaves you alone, is no longer the same one who tried to conquer you. Maybe he loved you, but the time has come to understand that love has an expiration date, that if he is not willing to continue fighting for you, the best thing is to shake hands and say goodbye with dignity. Because the time will come when you will not know how to love yourself and will put aside your desires for trying to rescue a withered love.

What's stopping you? The fear of failure, seeing it with another, perhaps the fear of loneliness. But you know that this is not you, that you deserve something better: a corresponded love, a strong love that values ​​you. Dare to leave behind what has no remedy and walk steadily towards your freedom.

They say that there is always someone willing to give you the love you deserve; In some unknown corner of the city that enchanted prince hides. And maybe it will not be what you've always wanted, but someone better, someone who becomes your friend, a life partner, an accomplice. Someone with whom you can talk about any topic, listen carefully, have an opinion. A man that embraces you and takes away your doubts, that with just a glance will make you understand how much you want it.

If you give yourself the opportunity to know yourself and love yourself, you will stop feeling alone and, then, your brightness will attract that for which you have always waited. And you will feel that everything has been worthwhile and nothing matters now, because you will be by the side of the man who, by divine right, corresponds to you.

Let me know you, let you feel, love you. You will understand that everything lived had a reason to be and that you will never return to solitude. Because true love is reciprocal, because when someone loves you, they do not doubt, they know, they fight for you.

You must learn to lose when someone does not deserve you and wait for the man to arrive who will make you feel like you are perfect, even if you are not, but for him there will be no one else in this world who is worth half of what is worth smile. Because I would never change you for anything in the world, because you will be their salvation for this reality that leads to madness.

You Deserve Better (Self Worth) (August 2022)