You have to be very man, the Gillette ad that redefines masculinity


Gillette did it again! The renowned brand of razors for shaving surprised everyone, with a new ad that goes beyond sales.

Months ago, the brand proposed the term toxic masculinity and through the magic of marketing, it invited its consumers to be part of a positive change that allows them to show themselves as they are, leaving prejudices aside; however, the invitation was not well received, especially by men, and accumulated more than 1.4 million I do not like.

In spite of that, Pankaj Bhalla, general manager of the company, is determined to generate a change that will lead to a world in which people treat each other with respect, regardless of gender, way of thinking, tastes or beliefs. That is why he turned to the talent of the film director Francisco Paco Leon, who took on a primary task: to break down the barriers of male culture in Spain.

You have to be very man it is not only the title of Gillette's new commercial: it is the brief story of diverse histories, of men who were also subjected by the power of patriarchy and macho customs.

The commercial is played by the singer Dani Martin, the swimmer Pau Ribes, the director Paco León, the soccer player David Silva, the actor Jesús Vidal and the photographer and drag queen Rubén Errebeene, and recreates a moment of their lives in which they had to be very men

The purpose of the ad is to show the masculine diversity that hides behind the retention of tears, the fear disguised as triumph and the true I that each one carries inside.

To strengthen the advertising campaign, Gillette compiled interviews with the protagonists, inviting us to reflect and understand the opposite sex.

However, as before, complaints, annoyances and ridicule were present.

In spite of everything, more and more men are knocking down the rules of a society that told them who and how they had to be; They are not afraid to express themselves, to be weak, sensitive, loving and, above all, to be themselves without any fear.

Gillette's 'We believe: the best men can be' razors commercial takes on toxic masculinity (April 2021)