You do not need an orange half. You're already a whole orange!


Are you surprised to see me like this, shouting to the four winds that I am single and that I am also happy to be one? That's me, the woman who can dress, eat, dance, jump, laugh and cry without having to answer to anyone. I love my freedom and I am happy to know that it is I who can decide what to do in every aspect of my life.

It is definitive, I would not change for anything the pleasures that the adventure of discovering and reinventing me every day gives me; to know myself, to learn from my fears and my mistakes, to be able to enjoy a cup of coffee in the mornings, to sleep naked if it pleases me, to throw myself off a parachute if that makes me happy; without being worried about what they will say, in any way you can not make everyone happy, they will criticize me anyway.

Single or married? Building an empire Knowing myself Healing myself Loving myself Making new friends. Meeting new people Living the present. Traveling

I learned that you do not need anyone but yourself to be happy. It is a delicate process: there are those who spend their entire lives without knowing what love and respect is for themselves; but when you do it, when you know and love yourself for what you are and not for what others want or think you should be, then you are ready to share it with someone else, without ties.

Socially, being single is synonymous with being alone, but not having a man next to you does not mean being alone; It means having you, your friends, your family - that never leaves you - do you need someone else? Of course not, and as the old and worn saying goes, sometimes it's better alone than badly accompanied.

And I clarify, it does not mean that it's a Grinch of love or that does not believe that it exists; I believe in the magic that surrounds two people who are in the world, despite differences, distances, tastes and ways of being. I believe in long relationships and in love forever.

However, I have understood that each stage has its time, and since I do not want to live other people's time, I enjoy my own time. I do not know how long it lasts, but I'm glad to be alone and not have to roll from bed to bed, picking up the crumbs of love from people who may be really alone or lost at parties, drowning in alcohol a void that does not even exist.

I enjoy seeing the face of men and women alike every time I say that I am single, it seems that they are seeing a ghost or a weirdo. Some wonder what I will be doing wrong, others pity me for finding me in such a terrible state; I have no choice but to laugh at those reactions, what a shame that those same people who point me out are the same ones who live unhappy, disguising infidelities, enduring mistreatment, being next to people who do not love them.

Some will understand the decision I have made to be alone, others will feel like giving their opinion about it, but since I am not a little gold coin to make everyone happy, I have decided to make myself happy and I feel that I am on the right path, because after having been in love and living some disappointments, I am completely happy at this stage of my life.

I clarify, I am not single and without commitment, as then they usually think; the commitment I have made with me, with my present, with my dreams and longings. It's time to enjoy this time, to look forward, to discover new things, to make new friendships, to find the pleasure of small things, without distractions

The most probable thing is that at this time I do not have the warmth that a kiss or a hug from a loved one provides, but there are many things I will have and that is what I want to focus on.

The best thing about being single is to discover that there was never such an orange, I was always the whole orange; so I will not be sitting, waiting for it to arrive, because it is likely that such an average orange will never arrive, but a tangerine may arrive instead.

I only have one tip for those who are in this stage of singleness: start by knowing themselves, by doing the things they like, going out, enjoying the company of those people who have always been there; do the unpredictable, confront your fears, say goodbye to the past, run in the rain, go for an ice cream, laugh until it hurts, dream. But most importantly: value this opportunity to be alone.

You will discover that there is no better company than your own, do not expect that someone to make the trip of your life, take the bull by the horns and do it yourself. Meet, explore, venture, grow, look forward, heal your wounds; and when this has happened, you may be ready to find someone else, without hurry. Live as you please, without thinking about what they will say! and be happy!

Annoying Orange - Annoying Ways to Die (January 2022)