You DESERVE someone who gives you the world, nothing less than that


In life there are many things that you can settle for: the food that has more calories, a bad job in an incorrect city, or maybe the clothes that are on the shelf of offers. The only thing you should never settle for is love.

There are many things you can have halfway through life, but love should not be one of them. Among the infinity of mediocre and common things that you experience every day, love, without a doubt, must defy them all.

You should never settle for someone who could leave and never return. Not at all with someone who does not value what he is holding by holding your hands, or who does not remind you every day how important you are to him.

What you really deserve is, well, EVERYTHING. You deserve a person who will miss you as soon as you walk out the door, even if you have just left for a moment.

Someone who does not believe in fairy tales, but treat you like a princess, simply because that is what you are to him.

That I challenged you instead of simply surrendering. Let him share his thoughts and be honest with you, because they will honestly share their life together. And of course, that he knows how to forgive and be happy, instead of always seeking to be right.

You deserve an epic passion that neither 50 shades of gray He could explain: a spark that never goes out, eyes that only turn to you and the need to feel your touch every time you are near. You deserve a passion that awakens your interior and intertwines your hearts in one.

You deserve to feel loved, and never doubt for a moment what he feels for you, or whether he will be with you in the future or not.

You deserve to be celebrated on every birthday, and be embraced on special days. The effort behind any gift, even if it's a flower you picked up on the way home.

You deserve a thought behind each word. Letters, notes and post-its that remind you of how special you are to him.

You deserve that shocking kiss that breaks all limits and makes you lose yourself in every moment; that makes your mind can not see the difference between present, past and future, because at that moment, time does not exist.

You deserve something that is not easy: a love that is difficult but at the same time resistant, and that is when they decide to fight their battles together.

Have a true and epic love, nothing less than that. Be someone's dream come true. Walk in the air and on fire at the same time, because the best things in life are not easy.

Yes, you deserve it all, but that person who is out there waiting for you, too.

You yourself must justify the love you think you deserve. So, be the person who deserves the world, and the world will bring that love to you.

G-Eazy x SG Lewis x Louis Mattrs - No Less (Official Audio) (January 2021)