You can not see but decorate cakes like a professional chef


Admittedly, when you are passionate, dedicated and struggle for dreams, there is no barrier, person or reason enough to stop us from reaching our goal.

This is, precisely, the story of Emily Athey, a blind girl who defies all odds when cooking and decorating cakes just like a professional chef does.

Emily is a student at Pikes Peak Community College in Colorado, and despite having been rejected in more than 50 restaurants, according to KKTV, her love for baking motivated her to continue to get employment in Icing on the Cake, a bakery in the that puts all your heart and effort.

Mischa Halber, owner of the pastry shop, gave him the opportunity that many had denied him because of his blindness. But his intention went further: he wanted to show that limits only exist in the mind, not in the abilities.

I am happy to have Emily as part of my team, she is an amazing young woman who surprises us with her talent.

In just six months of work, Emily acquired a wide variety of baking skills:

He learned to decorate biscuits and cookies. You can also make decorations with fondant, fill cakes and molds for cupcakes.

Emily is not only admirable for her baking skills: she is also a source of admiration and inspiration for people with different abilities and their families.

Cake Decorator Vs. Artist (April 2021)