You can not imagine how difficult it is to be single in China. This video will move you to tears


Since we have memory, society has been in charge of imposing on women a certain status of life: all, without exception, should marry and form a family; and because of this, single women have been considered a failure. And of course, it is in all of us to change that kind of thoughts, especially for the time in which we live.

Many of us do not know the panorama in which other women live around the world, and such is the case of China, country where being a single woman can become the hardest that anyone can live. That is why the company SK-II, as part of its campaign #changedestiny, has created a video to explain the difficulties that women over 25 face in China.

The video explains how women are called leftovers because they have not found who to spend their life with before age 25. Most of them feel so pressured by society and by their families that they go to the marriage markets, a place where their parents publish the profiles of their sons and daughters to find them a couple.

However, some of them decided to go to these markets just to give a personal message to their parents. This is strong and clear, it is not necessary to form a family or have a partner to be a complete, happy, independent and above all successful woman.

Watch the video here, your answer will surprise you

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