Yes, I'm BEAUTIFUL and I'm traveling ONLY


Alysa Ramos is a contributor to the Huffington Post. He has spent much of his time traveling and writes a travel blog (MyLifesaMovie) where he expands what is published on Instagram (@mylifesatravelmovie). She decided to write what it means to travel alone and enjoy it, being also a pretty girl:

Would you think it would be advisable for a young woman to work hard to pay for her own trips and have the courage to go to another country alone? No, right? It's like a damn international mystery to some people.

Let me solve it for you: I travel alone because may l; and I do not like having something for other people. I still have not found a way to use my face to buy plane tickets on-line, although many men have offered it to me a lot of times and I always decline their kind offer because I prefer to travel alone than to be used as decoration.

Therefore, I have to clarify that:

1. I'm not a prostitute

A pretty woman who travels to another country alone, automatically considers herself a prostitute. It is not a joke. If I wear makeup, if I wear anything that shows skin, if I wear leggings or God forbid if I wear a bikini, I always attract the stubborn looks of people who assume that I am looking for my next client.

Not only is it more irritating and embarrassing, especially since the comments are often accompanied by laughter and whispers that I can hear, but it is disappointing that people do not believe that a pretty girl can be traveling alone for the simple pleasure of traveling.

I met a German boy on a beach in Cuba a few months ago, and he confirmed that most people think that a pretty girl traveling alone is a prostitute. In fact, he said that the people of the place warned him about the beautiful Cuban girls who walk on the beach in search of tourists to talk to, and that happens in almost every country. No wonder women look at me as if I were going to steal their husbands.

2. I'm not recovering from a separation

Although traveling alone to overcome a break is a great idea, it's not the reason why I travel alone. I do not expect any human being with whom I have contact to know automatically my marital status or my extreme love for travel, but also not assume that the reason why I am alone is because of some failed relationship and because the poor helpless of me needs something amazing to distract me from it.

I understand that many people think that a 27 year old girl should be in a committed relationship, but the only commitment I have at this moment is to travel the world, and I think I do a pretty good job alone.

3. Yes, I paid for my trip

From questionable eyes to the inevitable: And who takes the pictures? In social networks, it seems that the number one thought behind a lot of minds is: who pays the trips?

Well, to answer that question: Hi, my name is Alyssa, I have a job like you, and I choose to spend all my money on travel. There is no secret lover, I never ask my parents for money and I did not start a campaign or win a contest. Just because I am a pretty girl does not mean that I am not able to earn money and save it instead of going shopping. In fact, I have a motto: I prefer to buy a plane ticket than a purse, and I always do.

4. Yes, I am judging you back now

Before my eyes, we are all the same until you offend me with your toxicity sending me negative vibrations. I did not immediately judge the tight, unnecessary and trendy outfit you used to climb the mountain before noticing your look and your whispers about my Lululemon type set (I would never pay that amount for some lycra). But now I'm going to judge you not only as a tourist, but as an ignorant one as well.

5. Well, actually you just think I'm pretty

I know, I know, I sound like a damn to complain about the people I see when I travel alone when I should be grateful that I'm lucky to see me like that. But I really work hard without using how I look to have any advantage when traveling. So it offends me when people judge me for that.

I have to be a mature girl and recognize that not everyone is toxic and bad some people really think I'm pretty, and that's kind of them. Surely they do not think I'm smart or funny or I run my own charity organization, but, well, I guess it's better than assuming I'm a prostitute.

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