Yellow Blush: the new color trend that your cheeks need; you will not miss the rose


We are used to wearing the same makeup: base, concealer, powder and blush Pink color; but it's time to dare to experiment and create a look bold, striking and attractive.

The make-up artist Ash Meredith did it with a new tonality on her cheeks, forgetting the pink or orange and giving way to the yellow color, that's how I created a blush Yellow that did not look exaggerated, achieved a harmony with her skin and now the rest of the makeup artists are imitating her. What are you waiting to do?

Ash Meredith started with the trend of blush yellow

Ash Meredith shared the photo of blush in 2016, but a few days ago, the rest of the users and makeup artists discovered it and began to imitate this look ideal for summer.

Why use yellow?

Yellow is a tone that suits any type of skin, it's just a matter of choosing the one we like the most.

There is no blush yellow!

Although that is true, we can create it ourselves, combining shadows and lipsticks of the same tone.

This is how perfect harmony looks

You can even use golden shades to simulate a tan effect.

It is ideal for summer

It will make your face combine with the freshness of the flowers and the summer heat.

Do you need more evidence to convince you?

Besides being a striking tone, it will make you look amazing without the need to use too much makeup, as is customary with the contour.