Wonder Woman inspires new challenge on Instagram; the trick of the sword and the dress DO works


Since the premiere of the movie Wonder Woman, hundreds of girls around the world quickly identified with the superheroine. So much so, that some women have tried to verify how feasible the scene of the sword in the dress would be.

A girl on Facebook began with the question of how difficult it would be to introduce a huge saber on the back of a gala dress, just to show that this amazon is the best in comics, big screen and in real life. The result was quite surprising and now hundreds of girls join the challenge: Wonder Woman, put her on your back.

If you already saw Wonder Woman

You already met Gal Gadot and you probably loved her for incredible, and at the same time, you hated her for flirting with the gorgeous Chris Pine. Admit it!

If not, leave here or risk to spoiler

On notice there is no deception.

Are you still here, brave warrior?

One of the most questionable scenes in the film was the one where Wonder Woman enters the Nazi party determined to kill the god of war. Is there any clever way to smuggle your warrior sword to an elegant dinner among German soldiers? Sure, you hide it in the back of your dress! (?)

We all asked the same question

No, it does not make sense, but the beloved Diana Prince did it, and well the ending is another story, however, the whole maneuver of the sword and the dress left many doubts; MANY.

Now girls on Instagram accept the challenge

And it's very funny.

The challenge is called: Wonder Woman, put it on your back

And it turns out that it is possible to carry a sword in the back. Who could have said it? In a matter of hours, the challenge went viral under the hashtag #WWgotyourback (Wonder Woman, put it on your back).

They do it with all kinds of dresses

And with different styles of swords, but the technique must be the same.

Hide that sword and enter the dance unnoticed!

Let no one notice that you are willing to defeat evil, dear heroine of the party.

Even when your partner for the dance is Kylo Ren

And the saber is not discreet.

The majority agreed; the scene was well executed

Although it is still worrisome to think that girls put a sharp weapon between their derrier and the graduation gown, but it seems that everyone is comfortable with the superhero maneuver.

Internet gives you one more star The Wonder Woman

For being good even in the smallest detail.

Congratulations to the genius behind the idea!

And thanks for giving us one more pretext to create a Challenge

We missed the absurd challenges

Alright, I guess this is the challenge of Wonder Woman. This is my high school graduation gown, it's a bit small but we can still work with it, and I'm actually using the suspenders to hang up as if they were shoulder straps, because if I do not, this thing (the sword) will pull of my dress down. Now see how easy it is to get a sword out of your dress, just give me a minute guys!

End of the challenge

See you in the next nonsense challenge.

Let's Try The Wonder Woman Sword in the Dress Trick (January 2021)