Wonder Woman again unleashes controversy; He has a twin sister and nobody can believe it


At this time most of the girls are familiar with the story of Princess Diana, better known as Wonder Woman, a heroine who in his attempt to save the world of the Amazon, ends up saving the planet earth in the company of his sexi and faithful ally, Steven Trevor.

Diana is the best example of freedom in a girl's life: she is independent, sophisticated, does not care about stereotypes or false people, she gives herself to her passions and beliefs, and accepts herself as she is. However, your perfect girl image could end when you meet her dark family secret.

Alert spoiler!

Apparently Diana has a twin sister named Nubia, also known as Wonder Woman of Earth-23.

In accordance with DC Comics, the queen Hipólita created two daughters in her image and likeness, she used black mud for Nubia and white clay for Diana. The twins were taken before Aphrodite, the Greek goddess who granted them life.

Both have had problems in the past

Nubia is an Amazon warrior with a very hard life story. Although she has not managed to get the same attention as her sister Diana, she has been present since 1973, and her superpowers include the ability to fly and an excessive force, as well as being an excellent fighter by using her sword, something that her sister Diana knows very well. .

The fans they demand an answer

When the news came to light, the fans of Wonder Woman took the opportunity, and already asked for a sequel to the tape appear Nubia.

Some have already done their thing to fix it

The director Patty Jenkins did a great job of showing the Amazons in an alternate way, despite the Greek origin where white-skinned girls abound, she made a set of epic tonalities for film and history. This resonated in my head and inspired me in the possibility of creating a sequel where Nubia appears.

Marcus Williams, Cartoonist

Others have proposed a sequel and their favorite actress

While the possibility of relaunching a comic is already in doors, the fans of the seventh art have not stopped doing their thing and have even made their own proposals through Twitter.

Who will be the winner?

For the moment DC Comics and director Patty Jenkins have not commented on the issue, so there's still time to vote for your ideal candidate.

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