#WomenNotObjects: Women are not sexual objects for advertising


Within the world of advertising it is very common to see women being part of different campaigns. For decades the image of women has been used as a banner of sexuality to attract more and more attention from the public. However, the question that really should attract our attention at this time is: Are women really the perfect sexual objects for advertising?

The answer has come thanks to the project called #WomenNotObjects, an initiative that aims to denounce the violence that women receive within the world of advertising. The video made by this project has managed to show different cases of advertising where women are used in a sexist manner accompanied by offensive phrases such as: I like to sleep with men who do not even know my name, I love sacrificing my dignity for a drink these They are just some of them.

The campaign was created by publicist Maddona Badger, inspired by her three deceased daughters

I love sacrificing my dignity for a drink
I wanted to help replenish and reorient the messages that the advertising industry sends to young women, which can damage their self-esteem and self-confidence, I want my life to have a purpose. Explains Badger.

The campaign has been totally successful

I love sleeping with men who do not even know my name

So far has added more than 500 thousand visits, and has even managed to have a great impact on the Twitter of UN Women, in addition to the thousands of times that has been shared by different artists such as actor Ashton Kutcher and singer Alanis Morissette.

This is the full video

We have to recognize that this type of situation can happen to any woman, and we would not have to live it; this is in order to get the respect that we all deserve.

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We Are #WomenNotObjects (August 2022)