Women who talk a lot live longer: study

Regardless of people's genes, through which specific characteristics such as longevity can be defined, studies have shown that being talkative and talking up to the elbows could help lengthen life.

Being an extrovert, optimist, tolerant and communicative could be important elements to achieve a better quality of life and increase longevity, according to the study carried out by experts from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and the Yeshiva University in the United States.

For his part, the psychiatrist and professor at the University of New York Luis Rojas Marcos exposes in his book We are what we talk that people who say more than 15 thousand words a day can live for more years.

This, he explains, is because putting emotions into words helps to understand and create arguments that avoid uncertainty; Putting it into words is enormously beneficial, consider. Speaking is very healthy for mental health, so encourage to do it even if it is not with other people but even with plants, pets or with oneself, but loudly.

In addition, women develop more easily the fact of taking the floor because of the high levels of language protein, the FOXP2, contained in the body.

During the study of the Albert Einstein scientists, 250 people between 95 and 100 years old underwent analysis of their personalities and genetics, which revealed particularities such as being positive and enjoying sharing talks with others.

The secret to living longer may be your social life | Susan Pinker (January 2021)