Women who say rudeness behind the wheel are smarter: study


Saying profanity is frowned upon by many people. However, according to studies, doing so indicates that you are more creative and, therefore, more intelligent; It all depends on how you structure and how many words you use.

As long as it is not to assault or offend someone else or try to start a fight, it is advisable to do it in the car while driving to release stress and liven up the journey.

You say what you think

A study published by Science Direct proves that saying bad words and rudeness while driving is related to an IQ higher than the rest. The mental agility is in its maximum splendor; In other words, you are more intelligent and unwrapped for activities that require releasing tension.

Researchers from the Marist College in Massachusetts determined that those who have a high-sounding vocabulary would be able to avoid a painful situation, that is, cursing can make you feel better in certain situations. If you are waiting for an ambulance and you do not have medicine, saying insults can even reduce the sensation of pain, in the words of Dr. Richard Stephen.

Being alone of bad

Benefits of saying rudeness in the car:

  • You release emotions and ideas rooted in your thinking
  • Saying words in the air has a positive effect on your body
  • You tend to be more honest and concrete in your feelings
  • While you are alone you will not cause discussions with third parties

More rudeness than usual

In 2011, another study published in The Journal of Pain that it became clear that the people who admitted to saying more rudeness than they should, in fact, were happier and higher IQ They had.

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