Women who help each other are more successful


Although competition among women is a reality, the collaboration and support among them is also a common practice in the professional world, which is reflected in the access to positions of greater responsibility and authority, as well as better salaries.

According to a study by the Harvard Business Review, while both men and women benefit from having a close circle of peers within their workplaces, it is women who can most take advantage of these connections to access higher-level executive positions. authority and higher salaries.

The research considers that this intimate circle of female contacts can provide those with a high responsibility for private information about job opportunities and challenges.

Brian Uzzi, Professor of Leadership and Organizational Change at the Kellogg School of Management in Illinois, United States, found, when conducting a sample among graduate participants in Business Administration, that while networks of successful leaders are important for both men and women, for women, the first ones benefit from them basically during their stay in the master's degree, while women take advantage of their circle for a later job placement.

Thus, women face the cultural obstacles that prevent them from advancing alongside men, with close connections with other women.

Jocelyn Greenky, an expert in office politics and culture, promoted the initiative of The FQ Lounge, which she defines as a new club for girls in workplaces previously dominated by men.

Greenky, CEO of the corporate Sider Road, has helped connect more than 17,500 women entrepreneurs and executives through this idea, which is based on: there is power in the package of women, and realize Own strengths allow others to be better.

We need to change the stereotype that women do not support other women, the expert said after emphasizing that research has shown that women benefit most from the collaboration of their most successful business partners.

Interview with world's most successful female entrepreneur, Kay Koplovitz (April 2021)