Women understand dogs better; interpret the emotion of each bark: Study


They say that women have greater emotional intelligence, which is the ability to recognize their own and others' feelings and awaken empathy. This is demonstrated when they are able to identify the reason why babies cry and be able to care for them and take better care of them.

Recently, a study conducted at the University of Eotvos, in Hungary and published in the journal Royal Society Open Science It gave very interesting results about the ability of the human being to interpret the different grunts of a group of dogs.

Women interpreted grunts better

To do the study, 40 people were recruited, between men and women and there were recordings of 18 dogs in different circumstances, such as: protecting their food from other dogs, their reaction to a threat or playing with their owners.

After listening to the audios, the volunteers identified the emotion of each dog, choosing between fear, aggressiveness, desperation, happiness or romp. The latter was the one that they managed to identify better with 81 percent of correct answers, the protection of their food with a 60, and finally, the threat of strangers with a 50.

They could understand different emotions

The participants associated the correct contexts with the grunts over chance. In addition, women and participants with dogs scored higher.

According to Tomas Farago, who headed the study, the context had a significant effect in reading the emotions of the dog.

The results are not definitive

When a dog is in a game situation or protecting its food, they can manipulate certain key parameters in their grunts to give an exaggerated aggressive or playful expression. And according to the results, adult human beings seem to understand and respond to this acoustic information during their interactions with dogs.

Although there were few participants and it is risky to venture to say that they are definitive conclusions, at the moment they are enough to affirm that women can understand dogs better than some beings in two feet.

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