Women sleep better with a puppy than with their boyfriend: study


Many people love to cuddle with their pets at night, especially during the cold winter months. So if you are one of those girls who prefer to sleep with your dog than with someone else, do not feel bad, because your furry friend is a better sleeping companion than your partner.

Yes, according to a new study, women rest much more when they share their bed with a dog than with another human. So the next time you fight with your boyfriend, do not feel bad about sending him to sleep on the couch.

How was the study achieved?

Basically, they focused on studying the quality of sleep.

Participants filled out questionnaires about their sleep habits and quality at night; They were asked how safe and comfortable they felt when sleeping with a dog; Women with partners were asked how the other person affected their sleep, feelings and safety during the night.

Goodbye men

This led to the conclusion that sleeping with other people can become extremely uncomfortable and stressful, affecting women's sleep. Researchers Christy Hoffman, Haylee Stutz and Tarrie Vasilopoulos reported the following:

Compared to women who sleep with human partners, sleeping with dogs is calmer and brings a greater sense of comfort and security.

Couples are the ones that most cause disturbances in women's sleep, because dogs are less likely to disturb and awaken them. It seems that men will have to spend a little more time on the sofa in the house.

A puppy is the best

The study added that dog owners tend to have better dream habits and stricter daily routines than those who do not have one:

Dog owners have to adapt to the needs of their dogs to go to the bathroom every morning, and this helps to keep them in a relatively strict awakening routine. And the main sleep periods of dogs tend to coincide more closely with humans.

Puppies as bedmates reduce the likelihood of having nightmares, and owners take less time to fall asleep for the safety they provide.

Unfortunately it does not apply in cats

The study also showed that cats are equally bad companions to have a pleasant and long sleep; Hoffman said:

Cats in bed, on the other hand, are just as disastrous as humans and give less comfort and safety.

Sorry, girls, it seems that you will have to choose between your favorite pet and him at least only when going to bed.

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