Women react to study that affirms that motherhood rejuvenates women


Being a mother is a demanding task: you do not sleep well, your social life is almost non-existent, the lunch hour becomes a battle, your children scream, cry, fight, refuse to bathe, share their toys

Even so, a study done by Simon Fraser University, in Canada, dared to affirm that the more children a slower woman gets older, the more she produces more telomeres (ends of the chromosomes) and these prevent cellular deterioration. Internet mothers took this with humor and had the most fun answers for such a crazy study.

1. Look at me, young and radiant

It is true. I was only 32 when my fourth child was born. Forgive the lack of makeup.

2. Motherhood suits me

Five children and I'm serving 39 I never felt better.

3. Cooler than a lettuce

My name is Kelly, I have three children under the age of seven and I am 37.

4. Being a mother is the source of eternal youth

I am 50 years old and have a 13-year-old son. Oh yeah!

5. Even in my craziest days I did not feel so good

Yes, well, I was thinking that my children finished me more in my 30 years than alcohol in my 20s.

6. It seems that it was 84 years ago that I gave birth

Is it because every day seems to last an eternity?

7. It's like meeting dog years

It is not living anymore! They are like years of dog.

8. It's just that there's no time for anything else

It's because we do not even have time to grow old.

9. They even offer discounts for seniors

I have six children and I feel good for my 56 years. HOWEVER, 30 minutes ago a young man who could well be my son offered me a coupon in the pharmacy for people over 65 years. There they are!

10. Whoever did this study had no idea

And this study was done by someone who does not have children?

Greetings to all the young mothers!

HLS in the World | Women Leadership in Law and Beyond (April 2021)