Women behave like their mothers when they turn 33: study


Even though mom taught us to dance, talk, write, read, walk and even our greatest influence on tastes and way of thinking, there are many women who fear becoming a reflection of their mother and do everything humanly possible to avoid it. .

However, new research suggests that this may be an inevitable fate.

A study headed by Dr. Julian De Silva and published in the British newspaper The Mirror affirms that women begin to become a reflection of their mothers when they turn 33, a year before men begin to behave like their parents at 34.

To reach these results, two thousand men and women were surveyed. More than half of the women admitted that when they turned 30 they stopped rebelling against their mothers and began to behave more like them.

Some of the features that stood out was to realize that they began to watch the same television programs, to have the same hobbies and even to use the same expressions as their mothers.

In the case of men, the great majority affirmed that they began to behave like their parents after becoming themselves parents. Others said that they noticed their change after facing baldness, weight gain, even in simple actions such as turning off the lights in the rooms, repairing the car or issuing a political opinion.

The conclusion of this survey reveals that both men and women agree that the appearance of physical signs and lifestyle influence the behavior change that leads them to look like their parents, they were and will be their best example to follow .

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