Women are victims of HIV due to their stable partners: AHF

Ninety percent of women with the Acquired Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) acquired it from their stable partner, revealed the organization Aids Healthcare Foundation (AHF Mexico) during the presentation of the documentary Under the laurels in the Women's Museum, in the Historic Center of Mexico City.

In the event, AHF Mexico highlighted the importance of the use of condoms in every sexual relationship, regardless of whether they have a stable partner, since the contagion figures for this topic are alarming.

90 percent of women infected with HIV acquired it thanks to their "stable" partner

During the discussion, women who gave their testimony for the documentary participated, highlighting the comment of the activist Silvia Carmona, who was infected with HIV by her husband:

Today I realize clearly that the struggle and experience of 26 years could easily be avoided if I had used a condom in my sexual relations with my husband, then HIV would not have entered my sheets.

Another of the presents that gave life to the audiovisual work affirmed that the disease is complicated by the fear of rejection and, therefore, to talk about the experience is even more so:

It happens that this disease is difficult because of the rejection that we face, but we can move forward thanks to advances in medicine. That is why I leave my message to young women so that they are not naive to believe in their partner and leave their lives and care in other hands, this depends on each one of us.

Under the laurels It was made by Silvia Elizabeth Gómez with the aim of promoting the use of condoms in all sexual relationships, through the stories of women who unfortunately suffer from the disease.

Targeting Paths to HIV Prevention (April 2021)