Women are attracted to men like their brothers: Study

Have you ever been walking down the street and suddenly you see some boyfriends holding hands and you think: they look so much alike! ? It is true that many couples spend so much time together that a convergence in appearance is generated. Unconsciously, people look for people who in some way resemble them.

Do you think it's strange? Recently, a study published by the magazine Evolution & Human Behavior, conducted by researcher Tamsin Saxton and her team, ensures that women choose men who are physically similar to their brothers.

A curious study

The investigation consisted in asking different participants to observe images of some men, within the group of photographs were included those of the couples and those of the brothers of some of the women.

The photos were sent by volunteers and mixed with those of some celebrities. In order to draw conclusions, the participants were given a sheet of paper that had the photo of the brother in one column and four men in the other, where the image of the couple was also, then they had to answer who was more like the first

It does not happen in all cases

The researchers found clear evidence between the similarity in the faces of the women's partners with their siblings. The data showed that women choose couples similar to their siblings in a one in four probability.

Although it is not a rule or an established truth that every woman does, we have found that it is a reality, there are many chances of it happening, couples showed a subtle similarity in their physical traits with women's siblings.

There are also other factors to feel attraction

Dr. Saxton thought about this possibility, after it was shown that women were attracted to men similar to their parents, so she did not doubt that the same thing happened with the brothers.

She suggests that familiarity may be another element of attraction that people often look for when choosing a romantic partner, for example, who possess similar views and tastes or concordant interests, such as music.

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