Women are able to detect their love rivals through smell


Women are very intuitive in various subjects. One of them, if not the main one, is to detect when someone approaches our partner with other intentions that are not pleasant to our perception, which triggers anger or a bunch of jealousy.

Surely, if it has happened to you, they have asked you or you question yourself: why is this? The answer is in the smell.

A study conducted by researchers at Florida State University concluded that women react to the threat of their fertile female rivals through the sense of smell, as it is a skill that the female sex has developed in order to protect their partner. This is related to the increase in testosterone levels, as our sense of smell is involved to identify potential adversaries.

But that's not all, this skill also helps us identify which girls are attractive to our partner, because we see it as a warning signal related to male infidelity.

How was this proven? In the experiment, 25 women smelled clothes worn by 4 girls in their fertile and non-fertile days, and the result showed that those who smelled the t-shirts worn by the group of fertile girls, had an increase in their testosterone levels, unlike the another group, which showed a decrease in this hormone.

Other research conducted by the Monell Center in Philadelphia has revealed that it is easier to hide the body odor of a man than a woman, because the smell of the female can detect the real masculine aroma even if perfume or deodorant is applied. A point that holds important information.

An experiment was carried out in which several men and women had to identify the intensity of different odors in the armpit, adding 32 fragrances to check their ability to block these odors against human smell.

Only two perfumes were able to deceive the women in counterpart with the men, who were 19. With this, it was concluded that the smell of the body of men is more difficult to disguise.

So if you doubt your intuition, your nose can be a great ally.

Why We Pick Difficult Partners (April 2021)