Woman undergoes cheap microblading and ends with four eyebrows


They say that cheap is expensive and beauty issues, in addition to the cost, can affect self-esteem. Therefore, as far as our body is concerned, it is best not to skimp on expenses and go to professionals to not end up repentant.

Jami Ledbetter is a 42-year-old single mother from Kansas City, United States, who learned the bad. As he was born without eyebrows, when his daughters gave him a microblading her emotion was such that she never imagined that she would end up with two more eyebrows and one boyfriend less.

A simple procedure became a nightmare

The intention of their daughters was good and when they found an expert from microblading He charged only $ 250 for a procedure that normally costs a thousand dollars, they thought it was a bargain and they did not think twice.

At the end of the tattoo, Jami looked at herself in the mirror and with horror discovered that she had four eyebrows! For her, more than a scam, it meant damage to her self-esteem, so her outings to the street were limited to going to work and to the store only on extremely necessary occasions.

Her boyfriend left her

As if the fact of having double eyebrows and low self-esteem was not enough, her boyfriend left her: she was devastated, at that time I was dating a man and she abandoned me because of my appearance.

He tried to hide the mistake with makeup but it was impossible because of the strong pigmentation, so he decided (bravely) to go to another beauty salon to camouflage the extra eyebrows. But according to Jami, it made things worse: It was very painful, I tried to have a good attitude, but it only burned and hurt me.

It took 24 hours to amend the catastrophic error

Finally he met his savior, Kara Gutierrez, a beauty professional certified in the use of semi-permanent cosmetics and the removal of tattoos through a lightening product.

When I saw her I had to stop crying, it was the worst I had seen, said Kara. But three months later, 24 hours of sessions in total and an expense of one thousand dollars, her eyebrows returned to normal and Jami learned the lesson: cheap things can be a terrible trap.

Before making a microblading, find out

Talk to women who have resorted to this treatment and who, obviously, have obtained favorable results. Look for recommendations on the Internet, visit aesthetics and tattoo studios, ask them to show you their portfolio, ask for care, advantages and disadvantages Any questions you have is valid.

Keep in mind that a professional is not going to give you your work, because both the preparation and the quality material represent a considerable investment. Just remember Jami and do not let yourself be guided by offers and low prices. Invest in your appearance!

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