Woman recreates in photographs her family history of 200 years ago

Christine H. McConnell is an American girl who grew up in what she calls a spooky house full of photographs hung on every wall. There were many portraits that scared him; especially that of an older woman in a white dress and a face that looked very tired. However, as he grew older, he noticed his resemblance to her.

Finally, at age 32, Christine decided to recreate 200 years of her family's history. I started looking for my family albums with my mom; clippings, names, dates of birth and images of each mother in the genealogical line. I never thought it would have such an amazing result, he confesses.

The research took three months, but the most difficult thing was to adapt the makeup and the costumes. As he wrote in his blog, he had to repeat the photographs several times until he found the resemblance.

Christine H. McConnell (1981)

Tatara-tatara-tatara grandma Martha (1821) and Christine

Tatara-tatara grandmother Jane (1858) and Christine

Great-grandmother Attie Mae (1898) and Chirstine

Grandmother Mildred (1928) and Christine

His mother Kathryn (1957) and Christine

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