Woman receives an ugly engagement ring and asks for advice to know what to do with it


Many women anxiously wait for their boyfriend to ask them the most important question of all: do you want to marry me? They even dream in the way they want it to be done, but what happens if they receive a proposal they do not like and also a slightly strange and ugly ring? Well, a woman asked Internet users what happened in these cases.

After receiving an ugly engagement ring, or at least that's what she thinks, she shared her story on Reddit saying she was excited to be engaged with her boyfriend for five years, except for one small detail: she hates her ring. These are the answers that kindly they offered him

He had some rules for his ring, but the one that received did not comply with them

When they talked about getting engaged, I had a few rules for the ring: I did not want anything pink, blue or diamonds, I wanted something simple but nice. He even offered to choose the ring together, until he imagined that he would ask his family or friends, but none of that happened.

He got a huge and striking ring

Instead of receiving what he always dreamed of, he got a ring that he hates. He says it's huge and flashy and something that only an elderly woman would use. He also said that he has the shape of a heart, a symbol that he does not want to use every day for the rest of his life. The only thing that can be rescued from the ring is that it is made of amber.

He asked Reddit users for help to know what to do with this situation

After explaining the situation, he asked for help to know how to deal with the subject with his partner. Obviously she wants a piece of jewelry that she can wear with pride and that does not make her feel ashamed.

Here is the image of the ring

Many users responded that it would be rude to tell their fiancé that they do not want to use it, but the rest agreed that it was very ugly.

Twitter users also believe that it is ugly

That is a reason for divorce

How did a jeweler allow this to be sold?

I hate heart-shaped jewelry too! Especially for an engagement ring. You just have to talk to him and clarify that not the engagement ring.

At least he is not the only one who thinks it.

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