Woman is attacked by an octopus she was trying to eat; that is called KARMA


More and more vloggers who take risks and are involved in the most absurd situations in order to receive more visits in their channels and thus get followers. When they launch a challenge or they go to different places, put their lives at risk and, as a consequence, those of their thousands of followers, because they also imitate their behavior.

Recently the popular vlogger of short videos of Kuaishou, Seaside Girl Little, better known as Seven Seven, suffered an attack and was responsible for an octopus.

Seven has some years dedicated to creating videos that can be seen eating seafood and then giving a review about the dish, but the latter went viral for a different reason. This time the girl shared a transmission so that her followers could appreciate how she tries to eat a live octopus, a dish considered as a delicacy in Chinese culture. Unfortunately for her, and fortune for the animal, he defended himself and attacked her.

Kuaishou, the network that puts life at risk

The platform is supported by Tencent, a network that is widely criticized because people with limited resources use it to share videos in which they self-injure and thus receive rewards from viewers. To become more popular you must put your life at risk, even with food. There is vloggers They record videos eating live insects and seafood, reptiles and even electric light bulbs.

The octopus acted by natural instinct

In the video you can see how the girl tries to eat the creature alive, but it sticks to her face and begins to suck it as a way to defend herself. Then you can see the woman crying in pain as she desperately tries to remove the tentacles from her face. When he finally manages to do so, he realizes that the animal ripped off a piece of skin.

For Seven this did not end here

After leaving the octopus in peace, he said that soon he would try again and hoped to have better luck, I will eat it in the next video. After seeing the cut on his cheek he shouted: my face is disfigured! .

The comments on the networks were immediate

None of his followers was compassionate and instead said that he deserved what had happened to him, even some said: he deserves it. He tried to eat the octopus and the octopus also ate it. Eye by eye, tooth by tooth .

You can see the full video here (discretion is recommended)

Octopus attacks live-streamer as she tries to eat it alive in China (April 2021)