Woman denies donation to girl with cancer because she is the daughter of lesbians


Callie is a little girl who at just 18 months of age started her fight against cancer, a neuroblastoma advanced with metastases in the lymph nodes and bones. She will undergo chemotherapy and radiotherapy to be subsequently removed and, consequently, a bone marrow transplant.

Their mothers, Albree and Tiffany Shaffer, a couple from Cincinnati, United States, to try to save their lives created an account in which they raise funds to pay for the operation and the response has been favorable. The cause is entitled: What I ask is that you help me alleviate the financial burden of these wonderful people.

Although messages of good wishes and blessings prevail, one comment drew attention and not precisely because it was charitable, which was quickly denounced with the help of Facebook:

My prayers for Callie. I was going to donate $ 7,600 but I discovered that their mothers are lesbians. Sorry. Even so, I'll pray for her, but maybe it's God's way of saying that she needs a mom and dad, not two moms.

A feeling of helplessness invaded Albree and Tiffany and other people focused on helping the child: what Callie needs is support not hate or misery; We tried not to get angry but it was difficult, said the couple, according to the statement in NBC News.

Out of the bad comments, Callie and her family continue in this fight against cancer doing everything possible to reach the amount indicated for treatment because they have already raised 90 thousand of the 100 thousand dollars needed to cover it.

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