Woman breaks Guinness record of abdominal plate; Hold more than four hours

Four hours and 20 minutes were enough for Dana Glowacka to break the record of plank, also know as griddle, and with that is within the Guinness Records.

The competition was held in Illinois at the International Irons Marathon in Naperville; the record is called the Longest Female Abdominal Table. The previous record was three hours and 31 minutes.

The abdominal plate, as many know it, was dominated by Dana, woman fitness who is also certified yoga instructor. She showed that she has a surprising physical condition and said that the first time she made the plank lasted only four minutes. In the International World Plank Challenge 2016 he had a time of two hours with five minutes.

In the Illinois competition he had the motivation of his son, since he was sure he could beat the record. After his triumph, in a message via Instagram he said that everything is based on mentality and practice. As for the men's record, it is held by Mao Weidong with eight hours and one minute.

To perform the exercise you have to put yourself in a board position, with your forearms on the floor, your feet together and your core tight; this is how the exercise begins. You should try not to swing or get up. It takes a lot of strength, power and physical condition; It also helps strengthen the glutes and quadriceps, activates the rectus abdominus, improves posture and relieves back pain.

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