Why men do not listen to the women? Discover it!

Are you tired of being overheard and wondering if you're not clear enough for your boy to pay attention to you? Do not worry anymore: we have found the answer. Phrases like I speak and speak and he seems to pay attention to me, but when I ask him I realize that he did not hear a single word disappear from your vocabulary.

Recent studies of the University of Sheffield, in England, discovered that the woman's voice has more complex tones and takes the entire auditory area of ​​the male brain, which causes the man to feel dazed and prefer to go off.

According to Michael Hunter, author of the study, for them listening to music and a female voice is practically the same, because of the frequency range. And not only that, women speak in a circular way while men do it more directly and bluntly. If we want them to pay attention to us, we will have to be concrete.

1. Talk to you sideways

Women always speak head on, but in male body language it feels like direct aggression or confrontation. Pay some attention to any man and you will notice that they always speak at a 45 degree angle. Apply it and you will see how your guard goes down. He will be willing to listen to you.

2. Employ the us

If you think about discussing something you do not like in your relationship or in your person, always try to involve them both. Distributing the meaning of the conversation always results, even when it is a problem about your work, and he will identify with you. For example, instead of saying you have to solve this, say: we have to solve this.

3. Use text messages

The text message will include the same information that you would give it out loud, but if you write it in a concrete way, the tone of voice will not distract you and as well, you will have left a record of what was said. Make sure you do not use the emoticons in excess: most hate the corny.

4. Be clear and precise

To avoid talking to your hand because my ears do not listen to you, express yourself briefly and directly. Do not detour. Especially when you're upset, try to calm down and rearrange your ideas before you start talking nonstop.

The programming of the masculine brain works by means of objectives, whereas the feminine brain is oriented to processes. For a man to get to C means to get TO and later B. Ready! For a woman TO can lead to A1, B, B2, before reaching C. That way of processing the information is not only unbearable: it confuses them.

5. We have to talk is a bad beginning

In fact, it's almost a pretext to forget to do it. Inside, he asks himself: where do you want to go with that? , since you do not tell him what the talk is about and he will surely want to avoid a discussion.

On the other hand, see? It's just that you do not listen to me, it's definitely a bad ending.

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