Why asking a girl where she wants to go to EAT is the most INITIAL question of all


Asking a girl where and what she wants to eat, without success, is a story as old as time. Men may think that by asking this question things will become easier, for she will choose her favorite place, but in reality they are only about to plunge into a whirlwind of confusion and total frustration.

This video summarizes exactly what it feels like to participate in one of these endless conversations, and it is very important that you see it before continuing to read this article. (Do not worry it's only 11 seconds)

As you can see, it's not that simple, right? But: why?

1. We do not want to seem too demanding

Why women can not make a decision about it? Well, the truth is that we can, but we do not want to seem too interested or demanding. Instead, we will respond with a where you want or whatever you want.

It is a sad joke for us, because obviously we care, and we will not have any problem with rejecting each and every one of the suggestions they give us. Instead of mentioning a few options we will continue to give up the choice, until they finally find something worthwhile to ruin the diet.

2. We do not want you to know our strange food trends

Onion and dressing put it aside Oh, and without mayonnaise, please!

Of course, we can not be too demanding with gluten-free food, but many of us do care about carbohydrate-free food. Judge us everything you want, but really should be grateful, especially if they want to take off our clothes at the end of the day.

Women do a lot of strange things when it comes to eating. We cut our food into tiny pieces; We chew 30 to 40 times before swallowing; We modify our plate so that it is completely unrecognizable compared to the one that came out of the kitchen. Whatever is.

3. We do not want you to see the little self-control we have over us

Unless you opt for a healthy option, there is a 150 percent chance that we will end up devouring our plate, and testing yours. Nobody repeat, no one can resist the temptation of a delicious and crunchy slice of pizza.

And if you do not tell the waitress not to bring the bread basket to the table before the meal, there is no going back: once that wonder appears, my hands will go to that delicious piece of freshly baked bread.

The only way that there is a small possibility of having a certain kind of self-control is that there is no food that makes us fall into temptation.

4. We want to pretend that we care about what you want too

Actually we do not care so much what you want to eat, but we have to pretend not to look bad. We are always trying to keep the score in our favor, so if we let you win this time, it's only because we know we can ask for something much more important in the future. (But my love, I want to go to my best friend's house, remember that the last time we went to dinner you chose the place)

Does not make us seem a bit saintly when we let you choose the restaurant instead of annoying you about our (false, by the way) dietary restrictions? Do not you find it easier to do it this way? Are not you supposed to want to spend some time with me? Exactly!

5. In fact, we do not have the slightest idea of ​​what we want to eat

Most of the time, we do not even know what we want to eat. The only thing we know is what we do not want, but only after you have released a few suggestions. Of course, this may sound crazy and crazy, but in what way do you pretend we're going to know what we do not want to eat?

In addition, women are very, very indecisive (does not surprise you, right?). Honestly, there are a lot of foods that we would love to eat: hamburgers, milkshakes, buffalo wings but we just can not. In an ideal world, we would like to eat almost anything. Unfortunately, calories really count, so, almost always, we end up sad in front of a plate of salad.

6. In case of doubt

The fastest way to get to a girl's heart is through her stomach, and what does her stomach want at all times? Ding, ding, ding! SUSHI!

You will never look bad when you suggest going for sushi to eat. It does not matter if it's 11 in the morning or 10 in the evening. A girl will always eat her tuna roll with a big smile on her face.

So, if in doubt, always, always, suggest sushi.

WHY YOU ASKING ALL THEM QUESTIONS? - @SpokenReasons - #FCHW (January 2021)