What would happen if the Disney PRINCESSES had Instagram accounts?


Social networks have undoubtedly helped us connect with different people. Its reach has reached unimaginable levels and have allowed us to talk and share images with people we know in a more informal and fun way.

Surely it had not occurred to you to fantasize what the characters of Disney if they had accounts of Instagram, but it occurs to me that it would be fun. This is something that we could see in the world accounts of Disney.

1. Ariel, the little mermaid

  • Ariel Guys, I found the best tool for hair! #obsessed
  • Seagull I love those gadgets!

2. The sleeping beauty

  • Sleeping Beauty # Medesappearing

3. Pocahontas

  • Pocahontas Friends :) What would I do without you Meeko? #bff

4. Princess Jasmine

  • Jasmine Selfie with @Aladdin <3
  • Genius Guys, they are so handsome that they make me feel sick. I'm kidding. I love them.

5. Rapunzel

  • Rapunzel That daily battle #the struggle is real

6. Snow White

  • Snow White Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the best baker of all? Preparing one of my favorite countries # diosadomestica #horneando
  • Happy Yummi! Save me a little! :) :) :)

7. Cinderella

  • Cinderella The moment when everything changed. It fits me! #I told you
  • Anastasia You know? I was perfect too.
  • Griselda #SAME

8. Mulán

  • mulan Photos of the wedding! Mushu is not very excited, but Grandma Fa is very proud.
  • yao Aww. Its not cute? Little Mulán has become a married woman. Do you have space for a sword in your wedding dress?
  • mulan I can be married, but I can still beat you.
  • mushu What a shame!

9. Princess Aurora

  • belladurmiente_aurora Tea time with my lovely aunt @spring
  • hadaprimavera The best cookies I've ever tasted. #hint @Flora fauna

10. Tiana

  • tiana Making my favorite donuts #instafood #yum #delicious
  • Pocahontas Yumm! Did you know you can make a vegetarian version?
  • Merida It looks delicious.

11. Rapunzel

  • Rapunzel Leaving the tower for the first time. Nervous but excited! #lavidafinalmentehacomenzado
  • jasmine Congratulations! Just remember not to take apples if you can not pay for them # lessoncallejera
  • ariel At least you will have your voice! Good luck!
  • flyyn_rider #sobornadoparahacerlo

12. Princess Tiana

  • tiana Caught doing what I do best. It's Friday? #exhausted #necesitodormir

13. Cinderella

  • Cinderella On Wednesdays, we wear pink :) #OOTD #dress #style

14. Princess Jasmine

  • Jasmine Home, sweet home :) I can not wait to snuggle with Raja
  • Genius If you look closely, I'm in the image. Catch you!
  • Jasmine Genius! Stop ruining my photos!
  • Genius # notendrásunamigocomoyo

15. Bella

  • belle: My new library. Jealous? Thank you, @beast! #books
  • ariel: Bah! I have my gadgets!
  • Rapunzel: I can go? I can not read the same three books again! #lavidaporfin starts

16. Snow White

  • Snow White #sinmakeup #sinfilters #selfie
  • sleeping beauty_aurora You are like very pretty.
  • Snow White @bella sleeper_aurora: Thank you! :)
  • sleeping beauty_aurora: Then you agree. You think you're really pretty.
  • grumpy: Better that that is not my business.

17. Merida, from Brave

scene of the movie "brave" where three bears appear

  • Merida Remember when this happened? Can we laugh now?
  • hamish The best night of our lives! @hubert @harris
  • queen_elinor I'm not surprised, Mérida: /
  • Merida Too soon? OK.

18. Elsa, from Frozen

  • Elsa Causing problems with @ArandelleAnna ;): p # the best days # take me back
  • ArandelleAna AHH This was the best day #memoirs

19. Bella

  • Belle My #MCM is this handsome;) #loamo #chicaafortunada
  • Beast baby, you are my love every day

20. Ariel

  • ariel Ahh #TBT the most romantic place for a date.
  • Prince Eric I remember this as if it had been yesterday

Disney Princesses on Instagram! If your favorite Disney Princess was an Instagrammer! (January 2021)