What were you wearing? The exhibition that shows the clothes worn by women victims of harassment


Harassment has become a terrible evil that affects women more every day. Unfortunately, in some societies in Latin America, harassment and abuse seem to be seen as a situation common, because many make fun of the issue, others hide behind the fact that this has been the case for years and that only now, due to fashion, women began to complain, even the police are indifferent to this reality.

It is believed that one in three women and girls will experience physical or sexual violence throughout their lives, and in most cases she will be seen as responsible for the attack because of her behavior, her movements and even her actions. provocative garments, even if you are only wearing the most common and simple clothing.

To demonstrate that women are innocent, as well as vulnerable, the Center for Sexual Assault Prevention and Education at the University of Kansas created the exhibition What were you wearing?, in which the victims of abuse taught the clothes they had on when they were violated.

An exhibition that does not show art

Five years ago Dr. Wyandt-Hiebert and Mrs. Brockman, advocates against sexual violence and survivors of abuse of their partners, attended a conference and read a poem called What I wore; They were so moved by the writing that they decided to create an art gallery in which victims of sexual abuse could exhibit the clothes they wore when they were attacked. The first sample was held at the University of Arkansas in 2014, and since then more garments have been added to the collection.

A dress is feminine; for abusers, a provocative machine

A sun dress Months later, my mom stopped in front of my closet and told me I would not wear any of my clothes again. I was six years old.

Coffee pants and a dress shirt are no longer safe

I had to make a presentation that day in my communication class. They took my clothes to the hospital during my assessment exam. I'm not sure what happened and how it happened.

Your favorite clothes can become your worst nightmare

My favorite yellow shirt, I do not remember what pants I was wearing. I remember that I was so confused and that I just wanted to leave my brother's room so I could see my cartoons again.

The university shirt is not attractive, but not everyone thinks so

A college shirt and pants. It's funny, nobody had asked me that before. They ask me if they violated me then I am gay or why I did not defend myself, but never about my clothes.

Can you hate a color? No, less when it's your favorite

The first time I had some jeans and blue shirt. The second, years later, had jeans and a blue shirt. I turn blue sometimes when I kickbox or when I need to be assertive. Even today I'm dressed in blue because they will not take away my voice or my favorite color or my ability to say No!

You can not always trust people

White shirt and shorts basketball blacks. It was always the same attire. It was always after the Rec center league. I trusted him. My mom trusted him.

A garment can make you remember the pain every day

I wore a sari. The same thing that I wear most days. It was what I felt comfortable with. It reminded me of my home, my family, my identity. Now it reminds me of him.

What Were You Wearing Exhibit at DSU dispels myths on sexual assault (April 2021)