What do the tears say about you? This is the true meaning of your crying


All of us, once in our lives, have cried; either happiness, pain, disappointment, sadness and even anger. Have you ever wondered what is the meaning of your tears or if there is a way to differentiate them according to the motive that makes you cry?

Apparently, our tears say much more than we know. There are several theories that explain the true meaning of our crying. One of them is an Asian millenary belief and on the other hand, science has its own theory about the water that flows from our eyes. What do your tears say about you?

Millenary belief

This belief has its origin in India, and ensures that there are three different types of tears and they are classified according to the place of the eye from which they sprout.

1. Vata

They are the tears that come out of the corner of the eye that is closest to the nose. They have a bitter taste and their origin is due to fear and insecurity. It is the kind of tears we shed when we find ourselves in situations that we can not control, and they cause us fear and anguish.

2. Pitta

They have a salty taste and sprout from the central part of the eye. These tears are generated by feelings of low self-esteem that generate insecurity. For example: jealousy, competition or envy.

3. Kapha

These tears are sweet, although it does not exactly mean that they are related to joy. They are born in the corner that is farthest from the nose.

Although, these tears sprout when we face situations of happiness or we feel a pleasure in the depths of our soul, they also relate to feelings of deep love and we can get to spill them when we miss someone who is no longer at our side. It is the crying that we dedicate to our relatives or loved ones.


Science also has an explanation about our crying and agrees that it is divided into three categories, according to an article published in the Huffington Post and a study called The riddle of emotional tears.

1. Basal tears

They are what we have in our eyes all the time and they help us keep it lubricated.

2. Tears of reflection

They are those that sprout to protect our eyes from external factors, such as smoke, earth or wind.

3. Emotional tears

As the name implies, are those that sprout when an emotion takes hold of us. One study revealed that these tears have a higher protein concentration than the others.

More tears, less sexual desire

According to a study carried out in 2011, sexual desire and testosterone levels in men decrease surprisingly when a man smells a woman's tears, and yes, tears have a smell that we unconsciously detect.

There are crocodile tears!

Have you ever heard the saying: are you crying crocodile tears? Well, the crocodiles do cry. The reason for their crying is not known, but they can spill a few drops.

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