What are the most BAD signs of the zodiac? Discover it!


We know that we all have a bit of evil in the blood, but for the stars, everything depends on the zodiac sign you have. In a ranking of evil, people born under the sign of Scorpio are among the worst. What place do you occupy?

1. Scorpion

Those born under this sign are the masters of evil. If you want to be safe, it is best to stay away from an angry and vengeful Scorpion. They have no mercy or limits. They do not know repentance and they will never ask for forgiveness.

2. Cancer

They have negative and obscure ideas that are intended to seek revenge when they have to hurt someone emotionally. The ambivalence of their emotions makes them irritable and resentful. If someone hurts a Cancer, it will pay exponentially.

3. Pisces

It is a very spiteful sign. They have the capacity to turn the life of another person into a complete hell if they propose to do so.

4. Capricorn

It is a sign that is characterized by ambition, shyness, perseverance, pessimism and resentment. They do not know the meaning of the word piety. Hurting your pride equals winning an enemy for a lifetime, and will fight until you are destroyed.

5. Gemini

Be careful with Geminians, they are usually extremely sweet, but when they have to treat another person badly, they exude deadly poison. The duality of his sign is transferred to his character and can go from being sincere to being liars. Their egocentricity gives them a touch of evil that you must get away from immediately.

6. Leo

It is a sign loaded with tyranny, ambition, power and arrogance. He always seeks to do what they want.

7. Aries

It is usually a sign charged with energy, enthusiasm and kindness, but when they are attacked, all those qualities undergo a change, there you will know the evil of an Aries. Their anger knows no limits and they are not able to measure the evil they provoke to others.

8. Taurus

Those born under this sign are characterized by being conservative, hard-working, loyal and persevering. However, their perseverance leads to foolishness and they become stubborn and stubborn. They think a lot about revenge; until the other asks for forgiveness, then they become more rational.

9. Sagittarius

They have an insufferable and sudden genius. Their childish sense leads them to be capricious. They are very easy to provoke, so they schedule revenge. Fortunately, everything happens to them very soon and they forget it.

10. Libra

They are calm and civilized when resolving conflicts. As long as their inner peace is not threatened, they will not have problems.

11. Virgo

Those born under the sign of Virgo, are generally kind people. Lovers of perfection, analytics and patients. These analytical skills lead them to be obsessive when defending their interests or beliefs.

12. Aquarius

His high altruistic sense, his honesty and tolerance towards others, generate a shield that protects those born under the sign of aquarius against all evil.

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