We have to talk about Hair countouring, or how to dye your hair according to the shape of your face


In the world of fashion a new trend has emerged, we talk about hair contouring a very recent technique, which consists of playing with the hairstyle and tone of your hair helping you to get light and depth in the face, the coloring is freehand similar to a balayage, that is, it is applied without using aluminum foil or a cap.

Remember that an important part of this technique lies in the cut you make to your hair, since the shape you give will be essential to define your features.

One for each skin tone

For light skins the hazel, gold or copper tones will be perfect.

A darker skin favors colors that provide light as copper or chestnut with reddish reflections.

There are also for each type of face

Round face

If the shape of your face is round you will know that its bone structure is stronger. Mark the lights at the root, from ear to ear. That below is slightly darker. This will make your face look long and delicate.

Oval face

Having this type of face is like having a one-dimensional body, all styles are good for you. Make your lights all over your hair so that your features stand out more.

Long face

This type of face is somewhat rectangular, let your root look darker and it will clear as it reaches the tips. This effect will thin your features.

Square face

To make the softer features you should make lights from the ears down. The cheekbones will be framed more.

Face heart

You will only have to soften the part of the jaw to obtain a more oval effect. Brightens the hair on the bottom with the technique of balayage.

Best Hair Styles For Your Face Shape - And How To Find Your Face Shape (September 2020)