We do not say it, the SCIENCE says: if it was unfaithful once, it will do it again


If you have ever been a victim of infidelity, then you know the pain and sadness of living this horrible experience, but what you did not know is that, according to scientists, the chances of coming across someone like that again are very high And not only that, but the person who was unfaithful, will also fall into the same behavior.

According to a study published by the magazine Archives of Sexual Behavior, 484 participants of both genders and their romantic relationships were investigated. The researchers asked them if they had had sex with someone other than their partner; They were also asked if they had ever suspected infidelity.

The results showed that people who had slips in their first relationship, were three times more likely to cheat in the next compared to those who had remained faithful.

Those who had the knowledge that their previous partners had cheated them were twice as likely as their next partners to do exactly the same. The suspicion also seemed difficult to get out of his mind, since people who thought that their first partners, were four times more likely to do so in the following relationships.

One of the reasons behind this behavioral logic could be the fact that when we lie, our brain really gets used to it. This was the discovery of a study published in Nature Neuroscience, which showed that telling small lies desensitizes our brain against negative emotions, which can lead us to tell bigger lies in the future.

Something similar happens with who deceives his partner. The first time you are unfaithful you probably feel terrible. However, if it happens again, you will feel less guilty and so on. Everything can be reduced to the biology of the brain, and what the amygdala is making you feel.

In an interview with Elite Daily, the expert neuroscience researcher at Princeton University and co-author of this study, Neil Garrett, said:

What this and other studies suggest is that the primal factor that prevents us from being unfaithful is our emotional reaction, essentially how bad we feel and the process of adaptation reduces that reaction, thus allowing us to cheat more.

With the unhealthy infidels, it could be the case that initially they felt very bad for cheating, but they have done so many times that they have adapted to their ways of life and simply do not feel bad for remaining unfaithful.

Another possibility is that they never felt bad for having cheated and did not need an adaptation to make it happen, they were comfortable with their decision from the beginning.

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