Watching horror movies as a couple strengthens the relationship and makes them happy


Spending time with the couple is something that is truly enjoyed. The perfect date can go from a walk in the park, an elegant dinner or reliable old: a night of movies to enjoy, with the food you prefer.

If you opt for the last suggestion check this article very well, since the recommendation is not to choose comedies, romance or drama but terror. Yes, you read well.

Experts in psychology point out that movies of this genre are perfect, since they experience levels of anxiety and fear that are related to excitement.

When you are very close to that special person when watching a horror movie, the feeling of being scared releases dopamine, a chemical that makes us feel love and attraction.

Vulnerability is another point in favor in this issue, since it is considered that true intimacy is triggered from this and, therefore, confidence is strengthened because although it is not in real danger, it can be unleashed. Conversation about the main fears that both have and thus get to know each other more and strengthen the relationship.

Another point to note is that a study published in the Journal of Consumer Research, mentions that people enjoy emotions even if they come from a negative source, hence the response to many like to get into the adrenaline, tension, suspense and blood scenes in horror movies.

A horror film can last from an hour and a half to two, perfect time to be very close with your crush or your partner So the next time you're planning what activity to do, remember this article and, night of terror has been said!

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