Visit the tomb of his fiancée dressed as a bride

This has to be a dream, we'll get married in two weeks. I saw him last night and he was fine. When Mohammad Sharifi proposed marriage, Sara Baluch thought it would be the happiest day of her life and that the moment of walking to the altar in her ivory dress would take her breath away. She never imagined that she would wear that dress to visit her fiancé in the grave.

Mohammad was shot as soon as he met Sara at the University of Tennessee, so he asked her to be his girlfriend. Without knowing that he would become the love of his life, he rejected it because he preferred to concentrate on his studies. Fortunately he did not give up and he conquered her until she finally agreed to go out with him. In December of 2018 they committed themselves.

But life had other plans

Mohammad, 24, was killed in the parking lot of a departmental compound where a man, DMarcus White, who was going to sell him an Xbox console, shot him.

The doctors could not do anything for him, when he arrived at the hospital he had already died. Sara was the first person to arrive and when the news was given her world fell apart: it was as if the earth opened under my feet, I felt that it was falling and I could not stop falling.

On her Facebook account, her sister tells how that moment was: Sara was by the hospital bed where her fiancé's body lay, surrounded by several detectives, she was crying and asking Sharifi to wake up, that she could not to leave her alone. He touched his face as if looking for a sign of life.

Your fiancé would not be just another victim

Mohammad was very excited for their wedding, every time they talked about his plans his face lit up. Therefore, although he was no longer there, Sara decided to put on her wedding dress and visit the grave of her beloved.

That was the hardest thing she had to do in her life because, she says, she just wanted to stay in her room to cry, but if she had, she would have repented all her life. He decided that the death of his fiance would not be in vain: staying in my room would make him a silent victim more. My goal is to tell your story.

A love that does not end with death

I lost my other half. Sometimes I go into denial and I think it's just a dream, but then I remember your sweet, cold face between my hands in the hospital. I begged you to wake up, I begged you not to leave me. I know it was not your decision. Every day you showed me your love with your actions and I know you would never abandon me. You are my other half, you completed me. We were connected to such a point that we could even see the colors that the other thought. We share a heart, a mind, a soul. A part of me died and was buried with you.

It took us only two weeks to fall in love. After our first date you called your mom and told her that you had finally found your soul mate. We were made for each other and I do not understand how it was that my other half was taken from me two weeks before our wedding. I wanted to grow up with you, have children and share all the love we had. Our love was and is so strong that maybe it could not exist in this world and the only way the universe could have separated us was through death, but even then my love for you has only been strengthened.

Love, I can not sleep at night knowing that you'll never come back to hold my hand. I feel weak without your arms protecting me from all the evil in this world. I miss falling asleep listening to your sweet voice. I miss the way your eyes smiled and how all my problems disappeared by just looking at your sweet eyes. I miss how your smile could make me feel in the clouds. I miss you love. I miss everything about you.

Your loss has made me question everything. We were supposed to cross to the other side together. I know you want me to be strong, I know, and I'm really trying. You were my strength, my protection, my passion, my world and I will adore you forever, Mohammad. I love you forever. I promise.

Woman visits fiancé's grave in wedding dress the day after they would have married (April 2021)