Victim of domestic violence shows the messages he received for years; Internet panicked


There are relationships that are full of love and understanding, but as time goes by they become murky. Getting out of a violent relationship can be difficult, but not impossible. That's why this girl, with a pseudonym KrissyKross, she decided to share her story on the Internet through some messages she received from her husband.

The anecdotes that KrissyKross shares about her ex husband Adam have gone around the world due to the physical, psychological and sexual abuse of which he was a victim. Fortunately, its history, which ended three years ago, has been seen more than 600 thousand times and perhaps has motivated three times as many people to stop domestic violence.

She shared her story by showing some messages

This is an example of the messages I used to receive at work, where I was not allowed to use the phone.

There was no instant without violence

Tony was a co-worker. I knew when I left work because it was just when I entered. Once he helped me change a tire. Suddenly my husband thought he was my lover.

Every call and every message really tormented her

That night I stayed with a co-worker. He knew it because he gave me those traps he says.

Life by his side was terrible

I visit my mother one time every couple of years. I had a huge bruise on my arm because my husband had bitten me, he had tooth marks. He was there for a month, long enough for my mother to see it and for him to be photographed in the NCIS, when I finally denounced it several weeks later.

Being away from him did not improve the circumstances

There was no moment or moment when he did not doubt me.

He insulted her, beat her, and threatened, degrading her self-esteem

His threats were increasingly intense and I could not do anything against him.

Fortunately, everything ended on time

After a series of violent acts that seemed to have controlled the life of Krissy, she decided to share her story and get ahead with the help of her friend, ending with that hell in which many women are still submerged.

Therefore, if you are a victim of violence or know someone in this situation, raise your voice! Do not be afraid to ask for help!

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