Veterinary seeks people for full-time work stroking cats; you sign up?


If you are looking for a new job and you love cats, then pack your bags to go live in Dublin and devote full time to please the cats, as the veterinarian Just Cats look for a person who works petting kittens all day.

Do you think it's the best job in the world? The clinic specializing in cats can make your dream come true, you just need to meet these requirements to get the job: have the attitude, love the cats, have gentle hands able to caress the pussycat for long periods of time, a way of speaking sweet and able to whisper to calm your nerves and the ability to understand different types of purrs.

A dream job

It is important that you know that whoever is selected will be responsible for making sure that the cats are comfortable and calm during the visit to the veterinarian, since the cats feel nervous and stressed when they live new experiences.

Show how much you like them

They need a person who is really crazy about love for cats. One of the benefits that the chosen one will obtain, will be enough food to be able to feed the stray kittens of his community and thus they will also feel loved and maybe they can be adopted.

Dont miss the chance

This veterinarian was the first of its kind, specializing only in felines. Its purpose is to make kittens have a pleasant experience when they visit and care for them with great passion. So, if you think you're the ideal candidate, what do you expect? Send your Curriculum vitae and spend your time taking care of these spoiled animals.

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