Vera Wang and Coach will design the new ears of Mickey Mouse


The successes of Disney seem never to end and is that, in addition to having the best movies, they also have an extensive market of clothing, shoes and accessories. A couple of months ago the company launched an accessory that undoubtedly represents more than one generation of girls: the famous Minnie Mouse headbands. They never imagined the trend that would unleash and is that now the great designers want to join this unique fashion.

These souvenirs, which you can buy when you visit one of the Disneyland parks, have gone from being simple headbands to become a kind of stylish version. Designers like Vera Wang or Coach are creating their own versions of the ears and it's like a dream come true, because there is nothing that compares with the emotion of having an exclusive headband and high design.

The product is one of the most sold

The designs are inspired by most Disney movies, series and cartoons, for example Star Wars, although they are also made depending on the time of year, such as the Christmas versions that have candy designs, snowflakes and more. Prices range from $ 15 to $ 30, something very accessible to visitors to the parks.

Great designers come together to create exclusive models

Heidi Klum, Vera Wang and Coach will be responsible for creating the models of this collection; In addition, Disney unveiled a calendar for fans to get their ears on May 24, 2019 and until the summer of 2020.

Wang was inspired by her collections of weddings and crystal and pearl embroideries to create her headbands; Klum will have a mother and daughter collection and Coach will bet on the leather, flowers and colors that represent the brand; however, his designs will arrive until the autumn of 2019 and summer of 2020.

Lisa Baldzicki, vice president of Product Merchandise for Disney Parks, assures that the collaborators are diverse and with different tastes:

We were intentionally wide with the collaborators that we contacted for this campaign. We wanted to make sure it was special and different from everything we had done. We honestly have something for everyone and for every taste.

The first headbands will be on sale in California and Florida

They will also be sold in the store on-line of Disney, so do not worry if you can not visit any of the parks because you can buy them and they will arrive directly at the door of your home.

These are other designers who will join the creation of tiaras. You can check the dates to acquire those of your favorite:

  • Harveys May 24, 2019
  • Betsey Johnson summer 2019
  • Alex and Ani summer 2019
  • Noah Fine Art summer 2019
  • Kim Irvine summer 2019
  • Her Universe summer 2019
  • Shag Summer 2019
  • Jerrod Maruyama autumn 2019
  • Heidi Klum autumn 2019
  • The Blonds autumn 2019
  • Loungefly autumn 2019
  • Autumn Coach 2019
  • Joe Rhode April 2020
  • Vera Wang spring 2020
  • Cupcakes and Cashmere spring 2020
  • Kevin Rafferty spring 2020
  • Karlie Kloss Spring 2020
  • John Coulter summer 2020

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