Vans launches incredible tennis collection for potterheads


It's nothing new that Vans seeks to take his creative side to pamper his fans. He has already launched products from David Bowie, Mickey Mouse, Vincent van Gogh, SpongeBob and Toy Story, but since April 2019 he had promised us Harry Potter clothes and he is finally here!

This great collection arrived so that you forget the boring clothes Muggle and give a magical touch to your wardrobe.

1. What house do you belong to?

2. Maybe you're a brave Gryffindor

3. Or clever as a Slytherin

4. You have the intelligence of a Ravenclaw

5. Or loyalty is everything, like a Hufflepuff

6. You can read The profit while you're on your way to Hogwarts

7. Are you a fan of the relics of death?

8. In case the Quidditch lines are assembled

9. Get your savings from Gringotts

10. Because you're going to want everything!

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